SLD-50 Series 50W Slim and Linear Type LED Driver


By: Rex Lin/Product Manager

MEAN WELL new ultra-slim SLD-50 series is officially released after the SLD-80 series. With the launch of SLD-50 series, the whole linear type product line is fully completed. The SLD series is especially suitable for decorative lighting/advertising light boxes and linear luminaires.
In addition to ultra-slim size features, this series also meets SELV and isolation circuit design, which is suitable for usage in various indoor lighting fixtures. Another key point is the 56V model adopts the constant power output design, applicable for LED design in the range of 30V~56V. It also provides Adjustable current Io function to reduce design compatible issue and greatly reduce the stock number.
At present, MEAN WELL has a complete linear design product line, composed of newly launched SLD-50/80 series (50/80W) and LDC-35/55/80 series (35/55/80W). The main differences between these two series are: the SLD series is a Class 2/II plastic insulation housing design, and adds 12V/24V output voltage. It is used for LED strips with normal constant voltage or constant current, especially for backlight applications of some advertising light boxes or linear luminaire application.In contrast, the LDC series applies metal housing Class I and meet SELV isolation design with various dimming functions, such as Push Dim/3 in 1 and DALI 2 dimming. It is suitable for high-end commercial lighting products such as office or Trunking light. Please refer to the following table for better understanding and choosing.

MEAN WELL Linear LED Driver Table

   12V 24 V   56 V
(C.P mode)
 3 in 1
  (L*W*H ) 
LDC-35        V   V  V   V   5 280*30*21
LDC-55        V   V  V   V   5 320*30*21
LDC-80        V   V  V   V   5 360*30*21
SLD-50   V   V    V         3    280*30*16.8  
SLD-80   V   V    V         3 320*30*16.8

  • Wide input range 110~305V AC
  • Slim and linear housing design
  • Built-in active PFC function and Efficiency up to 90%
  • Design with class 2/II and SELV
  • Protections: Short circuit/Over voltage/Over temperature
  • 3 years warranty

SLD-50 Series